How to earn money on sports betting without risk

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There is an opinion that it is impossible to earn money on the bookmakers bets in the long run. Because the bookies are not created for earning money but for gamblers to get even more pleasure from watching sporting events.

But not everyone understands and accepts this philosophy and considers betting as a way to make money. Today, we are going to talk about the ways you can make money on betting, without risking anything.

Surebets. The most common type of risk-free bets. It is not difficult to find surebets – there are plenty of relevant sites and surebets scanners on the Internet. To make good money in this case, you need to put large sums on bets at different bookies, because the amount of earnings depends on the turnover. However, more and more bookmakers treat them negatively – cut highs at best and getting rid of unnecessary customers at worst. There are only a few bookies that still allow surebet betting. But the problem is that to find surebets among this small number of offices is quite problematic.

Corridors in betting. Corridors are generally known to many players as one of the betting strategies. Corridor is a strategy based on the difference between the values of totals or handicaps. The player makes two opposite bets on the same match. A corridor is placed at two different bookmakers, both of which may be winning, at the same time, there is a risk of losing part of the bet. The corridors are often used by bettors on basketball, volleyball and tennis, where usually there is a high performance.

Betting on scored goals. It is known that in most cases there is a few seconds between the event at the stadium and the change in the bookmaker quotes. For example, from Latin America, the signal to the bookmaker can go for 8-12 seconds. Being at a stadium, the player can bet on an event that has already happened.

Bookmaker errors. Some players use mistakes in quotes for betting without risk. Errors can vary from technical to analytical.

Bonus Hunting Strategy. The category of players earning bonuses at bookmaker offices. Usually, in order to withdraw the bonus, it must be won back by betting a bonus amount for several times. Even having lost 10-50% of the bonus, the player can still make some money.

To not bet on sports, but to accept bets. The surest way to earn on the betting. Just to become a bookmaker.

Partnership and advertising. Many bookmakers offer to earn, by participating in an affiliate program or advertising their office.

If none of the above methods suits you, then you have chosen the wrong area for making money.

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