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Great Britain – Denmark Ice Hockey World Championship 2019, May 14

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The Great Britain national team were flattened by the Canadian side with a score of 8-0 in their second game of the World Hockey Championship.

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The Canadian team, earning more than 46 million pounds sterling compared to the UK’s squad fees of 30,000 pounds per year, were supposed to win and won.

A significant lead in the score was initially evident, since Matthew Joseph and Anthony Manta were the first to “check in” at the opponents’ goal, securing the score 2-0 at the end of the first period. Then came three more goals in the second and third periods, to consolidate the dominant position of the Canadian national team.

The Great Britain team lost their first championship game with a score of 3-1 to the Olympic silver medalists – a representative team from Germany on Saturday, marking a return to the top hockey division after a 25-year absence.

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The team have a short 1 day break before the fight with the national team of Denmark on Tuesday, May 14. The same cannot be said about the Canada’s team, which play today, on May 13 with Slovakia, without a break after Sunday’s meeting.

The British national team is undergoing tough training during matches with teams from Germany and Canada, which will undoubtedly allow the English team head coach Peter Russell to gain experience from the world’s strongest hockey players.

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Great Britain
  • United Kingdom – Denmark
  • Ice Hockey World Championship
  • Venue: Stil Arena, Slovakia
  • Date: May 14
  • Beginning: 14:15 GMT

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