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Ice Hockey Betting: types, strategy

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Although ice hockey is less popular than the king of sports – football, it remains one of the most spectacular sports and has a multimillion audience. The most popular tournaments are: a professional ice hockey league in North America (NHL) and Kontinental Hockey League Championship (KHL), as well as the annual Ice Hockey World Championship and, of course, the Winter Olympic Games, which is held every four years. Matches between national teams of Canada, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Sweden are classics of not only hockey, but of the entire world sport.

ice hockey bets odds

Hockey bets are in high demand among betters due to the first-class matches featuring world stars, and here are plenty of options. Ice Hockey betting is worth your attention due to the following advantages:

  • a large number of sensations and unexpected comebacks. Experienced betters will confirm that the unpredictability of the match result can make betting on high odds extremely profitable.

  • A tight schedule. NHL and KHL teams often have to play every two or three days. Thus, you can easily analyze the current sports form of a particular team, and know almost certainly the condition in which it will play in the upcoming match.

  • Wide variety of broadcasts. Nowadays you can find on the Internet the broadcast of any significant hockey tournament and bet with the best online betting odds.

In order to win on hockey betting, you should find a reliable, well-known bookmaker. Betfair provides the top line of upcoming matches table (NHL, KHL, other tournaments) and various options to place hockey bets for the most experienced betters and beginners.

Types of ice hockey bets:

  1. Handicap

If we analyze puck line handicap offered by top bookmakers, we see that handicaps usually start at a quarter goal. For example, Vegas Golden Knights (-1.5) 1.42 – Toronto Maple Leafs (+1.5) 3.00. These bets are calculated on the same principle as in other sports.

If you were to bet on Vegas Golden Knights, they would have to win the game by over 1.5 goals for you to win this bet, or in other words, they would have to win by at least 2 goals. On the other hand, if you bet on Toronto Maple Leafs at +1.5, they can either win the match outright or lose by under 1.5 goals, or in other words, win the match outright or lose by no more than 1 goal.

If the full time score were to be Vegas Golden Knights – Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1, and you bet on Vegas Golden Knights -1.5, you must deduct 1.5 goals from the Vegas scoreline. The score then reads, Vegas Golden Knights 0.5, Toronto Maple Leafs 1. Unfortunately, in this example, even though Vegas Golden Knights won the match, you lost your Handicap bet as they failed to “win” after having the 1.5 goal handicap deducted from their fulltime score. However, it is easier to predict the victory in the NHL match than to forecast the fulltime score and the goal difference. But if the odds on a favorite are 1.50 or less, then the handicap will help increase the winnings.

ice hockey handicap
  1. Total

Total betting is one of the most effective and profitable type of bets in hockey. Over / Under is a betting type on the total number of goals to be achieved in a match.

For example, Total over 3,5 (1,14) – that means that teams will score more than 3,5 goals.

Total under 3,5 (6,00) – that means that teams will less more than 3,5 goals.

You should turn your attention to the following nuances:

  • statistics – the scoring of teams during the current season (the number of scored goals, separately at home and away);
  • current sports form and physical condition of players, injuries, disqualification of key goalkeepers and players;

  • motivation – the increased players’ sense of urgency is peculiar to the derby or with the appointment of a new coach;

  • realization of created opportunities when one team is on a power play and an effective game of defense when at least one player is serving a penalty;

  • tournament stage – playoffs games usually have more cautious character while in regular season more spectacular games are likely.

  1. Bets on the match result

The classic type of bets, as in any other sport. In order to correctly predict the result of a particular match, you need to closely monitor the performance of teams during the season, know their current form and the statistics of recent games. You should use general regularity: for example, the hosts of NHL or KHL hockey matches win 45% of the games, while the visitors – 42%, in the other cases the matches are forced into overtime.

ice hockey results

The main problem is that odds on favourites are often very low. Betting underdogs is much more profitable but they win much less often. The best way is to place a multi bet, if you are firmly confident in the victories of the favorites.

  1. Betting on the result of the match at half-time and full-time

You should predict the exact score of the match in full-time.

  1. Double chance bet

You should you place a win / draw option on any team.

For example:

  • Win Vegas Golden Knights or Draw (X1)
  • Draw or Win Toronto Maple Leafs (X2)
  • Vegas Golden Knights or Toronto Maple Leafs (12)
  1. Pass Line bet

You have to predict the qualification of the team in a concrete round of the tournament. For example, the passage of the Russian national team to the knockout stages, or passage of the NHL team to the semifinals of the Stanley Cup.

A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Hockey


The main goalkeepers after a series of grueling matches held in a short time, can get a day of rest. Experienced betters always pay attention to who will defend the goal cage of the team in a particular match, since the difference between the main keeper and his “changer” is often significant.

hockey goal keeper

Key player

This factor is decisive in the team has world-class players in its squad. For example, the absence of Alexander Ovechkin, most likely, will negatively affect the results of the Washington Capitals.

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There is a trend when a team with the appointment of a new head coach wins the first game. However, you need to be careful: in the match against the obvious favorite, this approach may not work.


A distinctive feature of hockey is the penalty, which results in a player spending time in the penalty box for two minutes or more. Analysts and attentive spectators, not to mention the fans of a particular team, know for sure: how much does the team play being on a power play? Or, on the contrary, how successfully does the the short-handed team defend?

Extra attacker

Another important feature of hockey is the ability to replace the goalkeeper with an extra attacker.

hockey goal

Success in betting on hockey depends on a combination of factors: the better’s experience and analytical mindset, the mood and the sporting form of the team, a simple sporting luck. But the most important detail is the right choice of the bookmaker, who will offer the most profitable odds and guarantees payments. The first online copying platform for bets CopyBet it is reliability and a guarantee of winning, as well as the best betting strategies from top cappers and an analytical stats center where you can find information about every match or hockey team.

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