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Basketball betting: types, strategies

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Basketball is on the most popular sport worldwide, having an estimated 825 million followers. Basketball has soared to its current heights of popularity due to the international broadcast of matches and, surely, thanks to such unsurpassed players as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, James Lebron, Shaquille O’Neal and many others.

Basketball is not only a storm of emotions, adrenaline and a pleasure of watching match live for fans. Many on them also earn money by betting on their favorite teams.basketball hall

Basketball betting advantages:

  1. Basketball matches are held very often, that bring you an opportunity to regular bet on the big games. Fans know that every NBA team plays up to 80 or more matches during a season, with an interval of several days.
  2. A large number of basketball matches when a clear favorite faces underdog.
  3. Higher basketball betting limits – this factor depends on the bookmaker’s level.
  4. High profitability of basketball betting due to high competition among bookmakers.

How to choose an online bookmaker?

There are many online bookmakers, so it’s difficult for a beginner better to figure out which one is reliable and which one is not. Or which bookmakers offers the best service and the most favorable odds. We recommend you to check out the British Betfair betting exchange with headquarters in London.


Basketball bet types

Bets on team to win

You can bet on either team to win. Some bookmakers offer odds to bet on the draw in basketball.

Handicap Betting

Like in other popular sports, handicap betting is widely used in basketball. Let’s say the Cleveland are playing against the Minnesota in the NBA. The Cavaliers are 8 point favourites (-8 points), while the Timberwolves start the game with + 8 points. This means the Cavaliers have to win by 5 points or more to cover the spread.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

You have to predict a closest number of points in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams). For example, let’s take a Cleveland vs Minnesota matchup with the total set at 160 points. As a bettor, you have to forecast if the match’s final score will be over 160 points or under 161 points.

1./2./3./4. Quarter Result

Everything is simple: you must predict the winner of the first quarter of a basketball game. In this case, bookmakers can offer odds for the winner of the first quarter, taking into account handicaps and totals.

Half Result

You have to predict the winner of the match first half.

Bets for the winner of the whole tournament

You bet on the team, which, in your opinion, will be the winner of the tournament (the NBA regular season, Euroleague or World Cup). Payment is made at the end of the tournament, and according to the odds that were available before the start of the tournament.

Martingale strategy in basketball

Using martingale strategy in basketball betting you should double your bet after every loss. For this you need to have a solid starting capital to reverse your previous lost bets. In basketball this strategy is mainly used in quarters. It is necessary to bet on the winnings of the team that is not a clear outsider.

Traps and pitfalls of basketball betting

Placing online bets you should not forget about slight delays. These are just a few seconds, but they may be decisive. In particular, in basketball points are scored very often, and after each goal the odds may change.

Beginners should pay attention to a copy-betting platform CopyBet. The basis of the service is the rating of providers – professional forecasters. The table includes bets that providers have placed, as well as the statistics on their winnings and losses. A beginner can choose one of the providers and subscribe to copy his bets. Subscription is made for 7 days and can be paid or free: it depends on the particular provider. And if the provider wins, his subscriber wins too. So the choice of a forecaster should be taken very thoroughly.

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